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Companies shift from China to India is a silver lining for job seekers

New Delhi. It is said that there is a pleasant morning after every dark night. In today’s context, the proverb about Corona epidemic recovering India is accurate. Near about hundred American companies keen on exciting China after the covid-19 pandemic are seriously considering India as their new destination. And in India Uttar Pradesh will be the most favourable place due to many reasons.It is evident that big investment will bring huge opportunities also.

Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister in charge MSME’s Siddharth Nath Singh on Tuesday engaged with them through a webinar organised by the United States India strategic partnership forum representatives of these companies showed interest in the field of electronics, medicine, agriculture, scientific instrumentation, MRO, logistics, aviation, food processing, defence etc the companies includes Adobe Honeywell, Boston scientific and Cisco system, global delivery services providers like UPS and FedEx as well as Lockheed Martin.

Due to continuous mistrust and falling image of China.Several companies expressed their interest in leaving China and are looking for other investment destinations including India. According to a interview of Minister Siddharth Nath Singh the scope of investment in Uttar Pradesh is very bright. Since the state is home to more than 90 lakh MSME’s and skilled labour. With stable Goverment in the state coupled with creation of robust support infrastructure in term of water supply, road, irrigation capacity and 24 ×7days power supply, UP is among the frontrunners On the growth trajectory among largest states of the nation. said MSME’s Minister’ Siddtharth Nath Singh.
Micro and small scale ministerof Uttar Pradesh Along with the team of senior officers including Industrial Development commissioner Alok Tandon and principal secretary MSME and exports Navneet Sehgal spoke to the representatives of companies. They informed us companies that the state government had developed.

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