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re-appear in exam option giving IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee seems to be giving new options to its learners to overcome the problem created by the epidemic and keep session in order.

As an option IIT Roorkee is giving a “one time is special provision” to its students given the unprecedented circumstances.

According to an official communication from the institute the performance of the students in Spring semester 2019-20 would not be counted for academic performance based termination of programs. This means that students will not be issued warning letters are there programs won’t be terminated based on their performance in the spring semester.

Till the lock down period institute has continued the spring semester via online teachings. The semester will now be completed by grading the students while taking into account their performance after mid term examination and during online teaching.

If learners things that there grades are not satisfactory, they are allowed to re-appear for an online examinations. However, if they choose to accept their grades, they will be considered final.

The Institute said “One who fails will also be allowed for examination with no limits on the number of subjects in which he or she can reappear.

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