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Exemption from first and second year learners of DU from examination

Will be promoted on last performance and internal evaluation

Delhi university

New Delhi : Delhi University student of intermediate semester, term, year students shall be graded with adopting alternative mode. According to it students of intermediate semester,term or year the grading of the student should be composite of 50% marks on the basis of the pattern of internal evaluation or assignment based on evaluation adopted by the University or college etc. Remaining 50% marks can be awarded on the basis of the performance in previous semester, term year. while students of the intermediate semester term year having no previous performance having no marks in previous semester shall be graded on the basis of hundred percent assignment based evaluation.

For School of Open Learning and non collegiate women’s education board and others is that grading of 2nd year students of youth and second semester students of PG could be composite of 50% on the basis of pattern of assignment based on evaluation of for students of annual scheme and then the remaining 50% marks shall be awarded on the basis of performance of previous. students are required to submit their assignments.
For detailed information the student should check out the university website.

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