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Popular courses in China for Indian Students, Here you may know about it

China is all known for its variety of courses offered by various colleges and universities acros the country. Because of China’s long history,exciting culture and powerful economy has become one of the most popular study abroad destination.

China in recent years become one of the preferred destinations of Indian students for pursuing higher studies in China and almost in every Chinese city has Indian students.

According to the official data of the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD), 23,000 students are studying in China and of this 21,000 are pursuing medicine as of 2019. The remaining students are pursuing engineering,language studies and management.

The Medical Council of India(MCI) for academic year 2019-20 had recognised 45 universities and colleges in China where Indian students can pursue medical courses. Institutes offer degrees in English. Almost 90% of the Indian going to the China go for MBBS. China is a popular study destination for Medical students due to lower fees and better infrastructure.

Engineering in China is becoming popular after medical programs for International students. A small number of Indian students go to China to study languages. Students who can get the experience to learn in China and the Chinese language can give them a great career boost.

The embassy keeps a check on the universities and warns students against going to any fake institutions. Students also feel there is a similarity in terms of food in China and they are able to adjust to the culture.

Some of the top universities where Indian students can pursue their higher education in China includes Xian Jiaotong University, Nanjing Medical University,Tsinghua University,Peking University,Beijing Foreign Studies University,etc.

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