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Webinar on “Soft power tools and the role of films in India China relations” 19th June

Chennai: IIT Madras China studies Centre is organizing webinar on “Soft power tools and the role of films in India China relations” on 19th June,4.30 pm.This webinar is a reappraisal of how China and India receive each other’s Cinema and whether the use of films could be revived as a vital tool of digital diplomacy to promote better understanding between the two countries.

Key talking points includes China/Chinese characters as portrayed in Indian Cinema,India as depicted in Chinese films and how Indian films are received in China reaching out through the language of films.

It is a great opportunity for the people interested in Foreign Policy Conversations.The moderator of this Webinar is Joe Thomas Karackattu(IITM China Studies Centre).

The well known experts:-
• Shaji N Karun, Filmmaker and Cinematographer
• Rajiv Menon, Writer,Cinematographer and Filmmaker
• Zhou Xin, Head of the Tamil Department at the Beijing Foreign Studies University
• Arun Gupta, Principal Faculty,National Institute of Design(NID),Ahemadabad
• Yongli Jin, Associate Professor at the Renmin University of China

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