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IIT Mumbai lays foundation of new educational system.


It was a thing of the past when India followed the path of others.Current India is creating new definitions. IIT Bombay’s step of online education system is it’s recent example.

The Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai has become the first major educational institution in the country to describe apparent lectures for the upcoming session 2020-21 due to covid-19.

IIT Bombay director subhasish Chaudhari told that the institute would teach next semester purely in online mode. It’s crystal clear that Institute is not in the mood of any compromise on safety and and well being of students.The pandemic has made us re-think the way we impart education to our student’s.

He added to ensure that our students being the academic year without for the delay. We are planning on extensive online classes details as which we will be informed to all students in the course of time.

Directors appealed for the charity to help reduce the digital divide. since many students belong to underprivileged and socially economically weaker families

Indian Institute of Bombay had estimated that an amount of 5 karod would be needed for underprivileged students. The fund’s would be utilised to purchase laptops, internet data plans so that even a single student did not miss out on their learning due to lack of finances.

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