IIT Delhi’s COVID Facial Protection Equipment Receives Financial Support

New Delhi :

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has developed a COVID Protection Equipment known as COVLOCK. It is the initiative to protect frontline workers combatting COVID-19. The low-cost COVLOC has received financial support from Clifford Chance Business Services. The protective gear, as per an IIT Delhi statement, restricts person-to-person transmission of coronavirus when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It is an “innovative ergonomic” face mask, which can comfortably be worn for long durations just like a pair of glasses.

Collaboration with Clifford Chance Business Services –
Rapid prototyping will be employed to mass produce COVLOCK at IIT Delhi for frontline workers and organisations at an ultra-low cost,” said the IIT Delhi statement Thanking the Clifford Chance Business Services for the financial support, the principal investigator of the project, Professor Arnab Chanda, Centre for Biomedical Engineering, IIT Delhi said: “COVLOCK is the first ergonomic 3D-Printed face shield for prolonged wear and comfort. This project is a collaboration between IIT Delhi and Clifford Chance Business Services and offers the potential of making a meaningful difference in this situation by equipping the front runners in the healthcare industry with the appropriate protection gear.”

Education Minister Tweeted –
Education Minister also congratulated the team members for this success. He twitter, “.@iitdelhi’s COVLOCK initiative to protect frontline workers from #COVID19 has received financial support. The low-cost equipment will restrict person-to-person transmission of coronavirus when an infected person coughs/sneezes. Congratulations, team!”

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