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IIT Hyderabad develops tech solution to detect mobile phone usage while driving


New Delhi :

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad have developed a technology to detect mobile usage while driving to avoid accidents. This solution can sift through the video feed from CCTVs and find out people who are using mobile phones. The techies can catch those people who are on their mobile phones using artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms.

Manually detect the mobile-phone at large-scale –
The analysis happens almost in real-time. “Humans can easily find out whether a person near him or her is using a phone. But when it comes to large gatherings or busy roads, it will be difficult for humans to keep track. Our solution can do that,” said Sparsh Mittal, Research Leader “Also, it is not physically possible for people to go through the entire feed to check whether people have violated the no-mobile norm in a premises or on roads. But the solution developed by us could help them catch the offenders. It is impossible to manually detect the mobile-phone at large-scale. There is a need to develop automated techniques for this purpose”, he added

International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good 2020 –
Sparsh Mittal, who was with the IIT-H’s CSE Department for most of the duration of this research-study, recently joined IIT Roorkee. The results of this work have been accepted in the peer-reviewed conference ‘International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good 2020’. The research was conducted by him along with two scholars Poonam Rajput and Subhrajit Nag.

Govt urges all higher education institutions to do student’s registration through online process

Scope of online admission system. In the scorching heat of the sun, you… | by SchoTest | Medium

New Delhi :

Government of India urges all the higher education institutions to properly carry out their registration processes for the new semester through online mode. The Higher Education Ministry (MoHE) said this should also include all teaching and learning activities, in light of the recent spike in Covid-19 cases nationwide.

Dr Noraini Ahmad ealier said that –
Ministry of Education recommends all higher education institutions to postpone their physical registration of new and old students at the campus. Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad ealier said that only students from red zones would not be allowed to register offline.

Institutions should postpone all activities –
MoHE added that, For students who have been on campus and have begun their academic activities, they can remain on their respective campuses. The institutions should postpone all activities involving mass gatherings and to help students who are already on campus. The ministry also said it has been working together with airline companies to find a solution for students who already purchased their tickets to return to campus. Companies have agreed to allow the affected students to reschedule their flights until Dec 31.

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Date of admission of new students to the university –
” is very concerned with the views and concerns voiced by students, parents and the community with the increase in Covid-19 cases that has occurred only a few days from the date of admission of new students to the university. “The concern and sensitivity from all parties to safeguard the welfare and well-being of students and the community is very much needed in facing the current situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic,” it added.

UGC has granted permission to reopen the colleges –
Since Corona Virus has fasten the world into its fist, education institutions are shut down due to the locksown. Though UGC has granted permission to reopen the colleges and school from mid October after Parents confirmation. Most of the institutes are carrying out the examination, entrance processes online. Many colleges has also started taking online classes in order not to ruin students year.

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