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IIT Kharagpur develops corona virus diagnostic machine, now certified by ICMR


New Delhi :
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has developed ‘COVIRAP’, a coronavirus diagnostic machine using a low cost portable unit which has now been certificated by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) after testing with patient samples showed an accuracy level slightly lower than the gold standard RT-PCR method at a fraction of the cost.

Testing process took about one hour –
The machine cost less than ₹5,000 to make and the test kits would each cost about ₹500, IIT-Kharagpur researchers told journalists on Wednesday. Once the viral RNA was extracted, the testing process took about one hour. The IIT was in discussion with commercial manufacturers and start-ups, and hoped that the government would also subsidies the cost of test kits, they said.

‘Ideal for use in rural areas’ –
Lead Researcher and IIT professor Suman Chakraborty on this said, “The COVIRAP method requires very little equipment, and is ideal for use in rural areas with limited facilities. The portable unit can even be placed on a table in a field, without the need for an air-conditioned laboratory. It can be operated by rural youth with minimal training.”

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Costs only ₹5,000 & could be manufactured at even lower cost –
Unlike the RT-PCR machine, which could cost up to ₹25 lakh, and needed to be operated by a molecular biologist, the COVIRAP machine cost the IIT researchers only ₹5,000 to make and could be manufactured at even lower cost if economies of scale were applied by commercial manufacturers.

IIT Kanpur develops ventilator cheaper than the market cost


New Delhi :
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kanpur has developed a ventilator, which is significantly cheaper than the ones available in the market. A startup formed at IIT Kanpur, has created a top-notch quality ventilator in just 2-3 months with indigenous technology and equipment. Imported ventilators are sold at a price of 10-12 lakhs but this new ventilator model is available at 2.5 to 3 lakhs.

IIT Kanpur’s ventilator launch –
Education Minister tweeted sharing the qualities of the IIT Kanpur’s ventilator launch. He said, .”IITKanpur startup has made a cost-effective ventilator with indigenous technology & equipment to help COVID-19 patients. The device can also control the spread of the virus by disinfecting the infected patient’s breath through its inbuilt ultraviolet chamber.”

Patients in the country who need ventilator services –
Keeping in sight the high number of COVID-19 patients in the country who need ventilator services, this newly developed IITs Ventilator and that at cheaper cost is a boon for the medication and better services to the patients.

Risk of transmission of the infection
In the past months during the surging covid crisis, the biggest concern was the lack of ventilators given the deteriorating conditions in Europe and America. So this task was undertaken by the scientists at IIT Kanpur and a startup, built at the institute itself. The best part about this ventilator is that, unlike the others, the risk of transmission of the infection from this ventilator to the medical staff is at zero.

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