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IIT Madras incubated startup’s water saver can safe more than 95% of water


New Delhi :
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras) incubated startup ‘EarthFokus’ has designed and manufactured water savers that can save more than 95% tap water from your tap. The products are made out of 100% brass & do not contain plastic. Its patent-pending atomisation technology to convert normal flow to fine mist creates one layer of water over the surface that’s more than enough to wash hands.

Save maximum water –

Arun Subramanian, founder & CEO, EarthFokus, says the startup was an accidental venture, when his mentor during his engineering study days, asked him for a water saver to be attached to her tap. “She told me she wanted to save maximum water and instead of buying one, she asked me to make one,” he said. Though the product was a basic one initially, Subramanian worked on it for another two months and came up with a water saver product.  His professor told him that the product could be commercialized and thus Earthfokus was floated.

An average handwash can waste up to 1 litre of water –
Washing your hands is perhaps the most crucial thing you can do to stay safe during the current times. That doesn’t mean we can waste water every time we wash our hands. An average handwash can waste up to 1 litre of water and average number of washes per person in a day has increased from four times to 15 times a day since the pandemic started.

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Ecomist water saver converts normal flow –
Earthfokus has a range of water savers that can be attached to existing taps for different purposes. Ecomist water saver converts normal flow to a gentle mist. It reduces the water output from 8-12 LPM (litres per minute) to 0.4 LPM. It decreases the discharge by atomising water and converting it to mist, thus saving 95% water from your tap.

Ecoshower tap water savers convert normal flow –

Ecoshower tap water savers convert normal flow to angled shower output. Shower type of water savers reduces the flow from 10-2 LPM (litres per minute) to 1.5-2 LPM. An angled shower saves up to 85% water compared to an ordinary aerator and covers more area as well.Quamist is a dual-mode water-saving attachment for taps and faucets.Quamist water saver can be attached to your existing tap within a minute. The water saver reduces the water output by 95% by converting the normal flow to fine mist.

PMAC approves Two ideas submitted by NIT Srinagar in the New India Challenge 2020


New Delhi :
National Institutes of Technology, Srinagar (NIT Srinagar) submitted 2 ideas under agriculture and design sector aiming to commercialize the technology and aid. MSME ( Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) which have been approved by Project Monitory and Advisory Committee (PMAC). This was carried out under New India Challenge 2020.

Innovative solutions for New age India –
IDEAS For NEW INDIA CHALLENGE 2020 an initiative by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) is to encourage the Entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions for New age India. The approval of the innovative ideas will allow the incubatees to develop the prototype within the host institution.

Government of India grant in aid up to 15 Lac per idea –

Assistant Director MSME DI Srinagar Saheel Alaqband said that the said institution will receive. Government of India grant in aid up to 15 Lac per idea for developing and nurturing the ideas as per guidelines. The Business Incubator at NIT Srinagar headed by Dr. Saad Parvez.

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