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Happy Independence Day 2020: Top 50 Wishes, Messages and Quotes to share with your friends

One of the largest democracies in the world, India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day on 15th of August, 2020. This day marks the historic occasion when the country finally broke the shackles of oppression and gained independence from the British empire in the year 1947.
The British rule was established in India through East India Company in the year 1757 and the Company exercised control over India for 100 years. The fight for ‘Aazadi’ (freedom) from the British Raj truly began with the Indian Revolt of 1987, which is also known as the Indian Mutiny. The British played the trick of “divide and rule policy” as slowly, India came under direct British rule as the Britishers gradually strengthened their hold over the nation.

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