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IIIT Bangalore unveils 10+ projects to aid different sectors

New Delhi :
International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT Bangalore) has unveiled 10+ projects to aid the field of education, medicine and agriculture with the use of technology. The institute has been working on developing an open-source ventilator design, a blockchain platform which would issue test results for #COVID-19 & certificates of vaccine. The institute is continuously working on new projects in various fields, and 11 new projects that are in various stages of development have now been announced.

– Medtech4Bharath

Medtech4Bharath is a proposed platform through which IIIT-B hopes to render TeleCure with the help of high-end devices. With this, the team hopes to provide medical care to patients in the remote areas from Motihari to Bengaluru by connecting the primary health centres in these areas to specialists in urban areas. The college aims to benefit the patients by connecting specialists to these centres so that any issues regarding diagnosis or equipment can be solved remotely without compromising on the quality or expertise.

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– Bionic Yantra or Exoskeleton

IIIT-B has developed the Bionic Yantra which aims to rehabilitate the elderly and the differently abled people with the help of virtual reality. Using Immersive VR the Bionic Yantra would aim to bring locomotive rehabilitation to elderly, differently abled and even veterans who have been injured in line of duty.

– Karnataka Mental Healthcare Management System – E-Manas

E-Manas is a platform which contains a registry of all the facilities and professionals in Karnataka that provide mental health care. Apart from that, the platform also includes a asic repository of the medical records of patients suffering from mental illness across the state. The app aims to cater to mental health professionals, institutions, facilities as well as the patients and their caregivers, and it also hopes to provide continuity in the care of mental health patients who seek OPD and IP services.

– Anthropomimetic Upper Limb Device

With this project, the team hopes to build devices to rehabilitate a patient with the help of assisting hands, forearms, wrists and arm movements in the upper limb. The aim is to develop an electronically controlled robotic mechanism which would fill in the increasing demand for stroke rehabilitation. This is important because of the limited existing devices and the shortage of therapists.

– BeIYo

As per the IIIT-B, BeIYo is a blockchain platform which would issue test results for COVID-19 and certificates of vaccination. These would be verifiable in real-time and would not be counterfeited.

– Ventilator

The IIIT-B had been working on developing an open-source ventilator design which would use indigenous parts and be assembled in a very short period of time. This would be a medical grade ventilator and the institute decided to go for the project because of the lack of ventilators in the healthcare system. It would be a low-cost and reliable alternative to ventilators during shortage, the institute hopes.

– EdTech projects

Not limiting themselves to the healthcare sector, the institute is working on the education sector as well.

– Margadarshi or Interview Assisting System

The institute is hoping to develop a virtual interviewing bot which would conduct mock interviews to aid aspiring IAS officers. It aims to cater to aspirants who are economically underprivileged and reside in remote areas.

– Speech technologies

IIIT-B is hoping to conduct research and development in the area of intelligent multi-lingual voice-enabled access to e-gov portal services as well as gateways. The institute is looking at speech technologies in Hindi, English and Kannada, and technologies like spoken-dialog information retrieval system, rich transcription of spoken corpus, and language translation engines.

– Automated assessment

The institute is hoping to develop a cutting-edge technology to automate assessment in terms of generation, conduction as well as evaluation, to make it continuous and integrate it into a system for personalized learning.

– Traffic Simulation Models

IIIIT-B is hoping to explore architecture and design of generic architectures for Agent Based Social Systems (ABSS) to seamlessly implement them over parallel architectures. ”These models will be used for building traffic simulation models that can be used in urban traffic management,” IIIT-B said.

– Agri-Tech project

Apart from this, the institute also has a project for the agriculture sector.

– Bar chart digitizer

The institute aims to automate the data extraction from charts by exploiting local structure estimation in chart images to assist agriculture workers and farmers.

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