IIT Alumnus designs mask with two tiny fans for comfortable breathing

New Delhi :
An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta, Piyus Agarwal from Odisha has designed a mask with two tiny fans which is comfortable for breathing. The two tiny fans for inhaling and exhaling air are 3cm length and width each.

Create a mask to smoothly breathe clean air –
Piyush is running his own enterprise ‘PQR Technology Private Limited’ in New Delhi that installs GPS in vehicles and also make masks. “I was worried about environmental pollution in Delhi. So I was trying to create a mask to smoothly breathe clean air. Now the Covid situation compelled us to go with the idea and come up with a unique mask,” said Agarwal.

These fans filters air for inhaling –
He further added, the mask which costs between Rs 2200 to Rs 3000 has two very small fans on both sides of the masks. These fans are powered by a lithium ion battery. One of these fans filters air for inhaling, while the other works like a exhaust fan to release the carbon dioxide exhaled by the user. With N95 filtration, our mask helps protect against PM 2.5 and other harmful particles, pathogens and dust. The battery can run from multiple power sources like a battery bank, any USB port of laptop or four-wheeler or even a mobile phone.

Connection to fans in the mask through a cord –
Since the cloth mask skin is washable and the N95 filter is replaceable, the Moksha Mask is both cost-effective and environment friendly. ” Giving further details about the mask, he added, the user can change the filter of the masks in a regular interval keeping the functioning of the filters in mind. Battery can be kept near waist or arm with a connection to fans in the mask through a cord. Power in the battery will last for eight hours once charged. “It has low, medium and high options to control the fans. It can be used during walking, jogging and running.”

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IOA has shown interest in these masks –
Even athletes can use it during their practice sessions. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has shown interest in these masks. “IOA secretary general Rajeev Mehta has taken 10 masks for trial. He has ordered 50 more on Thursday for this purpose. If athletes feel comfortable in these masks with better oxygen intake, the IOA will order more masks after getting approval from the proper authorities,” said Agarwal. His enterprise has received help of Rs 50 lakh from the Centre under the Centre for Augmenting WAR with COVID-19 Health Crisis (CAWACH) mask project. He is working with IIT Delhi for this.

“We have sent samples of the mask for approval to institutions like AIIMS Delhi and Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, and the Central Industry of Scientific Research (CISR) to get approval for its large-scale production,” he added.

It will help them to have in proper air –
This is such a hard time when we even can’t predict the end of this corona pandemic, it becomes necessary to take major steps to atleast protect the individual from getting infected by the virus. Face Mask is indeed a must requirements and those who have to work out for hours, it will help them to have in proper air.

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