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NCC Cadet’s in battle against Corona

Sitapur. “National Cadet Corp” a name always comes in light to uplift the society when country is in crisis. Keeping the tradition, in leadership of sitapur Commanding officer Crnl Ajay Sharma. 54 cadet’s of 22nd bataliyan came in struggle against “covid 19”. In circumstances when whole world is in lockdown. On the instruction of district administration and Dir Gen NCC Sitapur NCC cadet’s took the initiative to help people in various works. Under the program named “Exercise NCC Yogdaan” fully equipped and trained cadets to save from ‘Corona’ helped the people in banks in maintaining social distancing and other precautions. Since money is being transferred from governance to beneficiary these days. Due to which to sustain the social distancing became a challenge. Cadets in adjustment with police helping the administration to overcome the situation.

NCC officer of Govt inter college Lt khan Shadab Jameer told us that we are working according to guidelines of NCC directorate. In guidance of Crnl Ajay Sharma different groups have been made. Responsibility of city police station was given to Cptn. K K Verma and Pawan yadav. Govt degree college was on shouldr’s of shri Shekhar and Subedar Mahendra singh were as Mishrikh was in charge of Lt Rajeeve bharti. Kamlapur was in supervision of Lt J. Prasad and Raju bagle.The responsibility of Khirabad was given to Chief Officer Shivmurti and Hawaldaar Vishal. Subedaar Ramesh and Hawaldaar Rakesh singh taking care of Maholi.

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